Somaspor vs Balikesir Bld. Soccer Head to Head Statistics and Results
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Somaspor : Balikesir Bld.Head to Head Statistics : Somaspor vs Balikesir Bld. Year up to 2014

The Soccer Teams Somaspor and Balikesir Bld. played 2 Games up to today.
In this common Games the Teams scored a average of 4 Goals per Match.
Somaspor won all recent 4 Home Matches of the League in Streaks.
Balikesir Bld. won all recent 0 Home Matches of the League in Streaks.
Overall Somaspor won all recent 3 Games in Streaks.
 Somaspor    Balikesir Bld.
Win 20
Loss 02
Draw 00
Ø Goals per Match 40
League Table2.8.

To comparison, on all remaining Matches against other Teams Somaspor
made a average of 2.5 Home Goals Tore per Match and Team Balikesir Bld. 0.9 away Goals per Match.
Detailed Result Comparisons, Form and Estimations can be found in the Team and League Statistics.
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Soccer H2H Comparison Somaspor - Balikesir Bld.
Soccer H2H Goal Comparison Somaspor - Balikesir Bld.
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Soccer ResultsResults Somaspor and Balikesir Bld.

Soccer League / TournamentWinLossDraw
Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 ( Somaspor )2nonenone
Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 ( Balikesir Bld. )none2none
Turkey Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 (Turkey)
13/04/14, 13:30Balikesir Bld. - Somaspor0 : 3  25. Gameday
16/12/13, 12:30Somaspor - Balikesir Bld.5 : 0  12. Gameday
Games by TimelineAll Soccer Matches ordered by Timeline
13/04/14, 13:30Balikesir Bld. - Somaspor FT 0 : 3 
16/12/13, 12:30Somaspor - Balikesir Bld. FT 5 : 0 
In the Football League Home Table Somaspor has the 2th Place and
in the current Away League Table of the Football League the 3th Place.
Soccer Team Balikesir Bld. is in the Leagues Home Table on 9th Place
and in the Away Table of the Football League currently on the 8th Place.

 Cross Comparison Somaspor and Balikesir Bld.

Direct Comparison of the Matches for Somaspor and Balikesir Bld. related
the recent Games and their Results of both Teams against common opponents.
21/12/13Gümüsordu Spor - Somaspor Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 0 : 2 
25/03/14Balikesir Bld. - Gümüsordu Spor Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 2 : 2 
07/12/13Kütahya Sera Sekerspor - Somaspor Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 0 : 3 
08/03/14Kütahya Sera Sekerspor - Balikesir Bld. Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 0 : 3 
25/03/14Usak Sportif GS - Somaspor Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 1 : 1 
02/03/14Balikesir Bld. - Usak Sportif GS Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 2 : 0 
15/03/14Somaspor - Tire 1922 Spor Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 1 : 0 
23/02/14Tire 1922 Spor - Balikesir Bld. Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 2 : 0 
09/03/14Manisa Bld. - Somaspor Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 0 : 0 
16/02/14Balikesir Bld. - Manisa Bld. Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 0 : 1 
02/03/14Somaspor - Bozüyük Vitraspor Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 5 : 0 
09/02/14Bozüyük Vitraspor - Balikesir Bld. Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 1 : 4 
23/02/14Erdekspor - Somaspor Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 1 : 3 
02/02/14Balikesir Bld. - Erdekspor Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 0 : 2 
16/02/14Somaspor - Kütahyaspor Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 1 : 1 
27/01/14Kütahyaspor - Balikesir Bld. Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 2 : 0 
09/02/14Edremit Bld. - Somaspor Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 0 : 1 
18/01/14Balikesir Bld. - Edremit Bld. Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 3 : 1 
02/02/14Somaspor - Foça Bld. Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 4 : 0 
21/12/13Balikesir Bld. - Foça Bld. Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 2 : 2 
25/01/14Kütahya Özel Idare - Somaspor Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 0 : 2 
16/03/14Balikesir Bld. - Kütahya Özel Idare Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 2 : 1 
Team Somaspor won 84 % of the Games against common opponents
and the Team Balikesir Bld. won up to today 50 % of these Games.

Based upon the cross comparison there is related Tips Predictions a higher superiority
for the Soccer Team Somaspor. For more secure Estimations please check the Home
and Away Statistics of the Games, Goals and the Under / Over Statistics.

Boelgesel Amatoer Lig Gr.8 TurkeySchedules Somaspor and Balikesir Bld.

Upcoming scheduled Matches for Team Somaspor and Balikesir Bld.
No Soccer Schedules found in our database for the Teams in 2014.
The complete current Soccer Schedule including Home and Away Schedules
of the H2H Soccer Teams Somaspor und Balikesir Bld. :
Soccer Schedule Somaspor
Soccer Schedule Balikesir Bld.

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